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The foundation when it first arrived in July 2008Our foundation herd when it first arrived in July of 2008 Honesty, communication, and integrity are not just buzz words at Urban Dreams Farm. They are words that we live by because we believe they are the core to successful relationships. We aim to raise sturdy, healthy quality livestock with fine fleece. Raising alpacas is an investment in a lifestyle (i.e., a quiet country living). They are a peaceful animal that is prized for it's fiber. We especially love going into the barn and enjoying their humming to one another. It can't get any better than that!

Here at Urban Dreams Farm we strive to enhance the fiber our foundation herd produces. We also work diligently at processing and making use of what is produced. Look at the farm store for details of available products. We have quality Peruvian females that we use for increasing the herd and for resale. Investing in one of our alpaca would be a wise business move.

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