I grew up on a farm; and loved living in the country. So, being back on a farm has been a lifelong dream. However, to make a living I ended up living in the city and working in corporate America. When my husband passed away I took a leap of faith and purchased the farm. It has been a labor of love ever since. I’ve had the farm since 2008 and have slowly made the place mine.

I purchased 4 females for my starter herd. Two years in I discovered that having fiber males was a wonderful way to gain more fiber without a huge investment. My herd grew to 60; which after a couple of years, I decided was too many. So I now only have about 40.

I’ve held a love of fiber from a young age. I purchased my first sheep when I was only 15. After the first shearing I purchased a set of hand carders and a drop spindle (both of which I still own).

We have many fiber producing critters on the farm. Our love of animals and of the fiber they produce has caused us to invest in various fiber producing breeds.

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Angora goats:
There are angora goats which are shorn twice a year because they grow their hair so quickly. The fiber is known as mohair and while it is similar to wool, it’s wavy vs. crimpy. This lends to more of a draping quality to finished items.
We inherited Finnsheep from a friend. The original group included two wethers, one with horns and one without. We quickly fell in love with one in particular – Arthur. He is super friendly and will just stand beside a person for loving. Currently, we use the Finn’s fleece for felted wool balls.
As mentioned earlier; I started with 4 females. We’ve had a number of cria (babies) and grew the herd to 60 at the largest; and are now at 43. We have shown the alpacas but don’t show anymore since we are more focused on the fiber.
Angora Rabbits:
We currently have one Angora rabbit, a German. He is an adorable fun guy to have around. He has decided that we are okay too and comes to the front of his area for treats. His fur is ultra-soft and lofty which adds a wonderful halo effect to items made from the fur.
We have a deposit down on a black female German and hope to get her mid-August. It will be great fun to welcome her to the warren.

Animals of the Farm