Mill Services (by appointment only)

Full Mill Services are available Urban Dreams Farm by appointment. Be sure to contact us at the cellphone or email listed if you wish to utilize our services because we are selective with which orders we accept. Our goal is to keep the orders taken in low so that processing time is reasonable. We like to specialize in small orders to support the small farmer and take great pride in the product(s) produced. At this time we can process wool, alpaca, pygora, angora, and mohair. We can offer blending services as well. So, if you want your alpaca to have wool, or another fiber (ex., mohair for strength) we can provide the necessary fiber (at an additional charge). Please contact us for more details.

We reserve the right to refuse any job at any stage during processing.

All orders are kept in vacuum sealed bags until processing is begun.

The mill is located on a working farm and therefore we are not always by the phone. Text or email are the best way to reach us.

By placing your completed order with us you agree that any orders not picked up with-in 60 days become the property of Urban Dreams Farm. The customer agrees to pay for shipping if that is the desired way to receive completed orders.

Fiber Mill Pricing 2024

Final Product

Yarn pricing is in a separate table below

Raw to Final Product Wool Exotic
Roving/Batts/Cloud $16 $19
Pindrafted Roving $18 $20

Yarn made from Raw Fiber

Currently UDF can spin the following weight yarns. Please note that bulky yarn is not an option

Yarn YPP WPI Wool Exotic
Lace 2500+ 23+ $42 $46
Fingering 1600-2000 19-22 $38 $42
Sport 1400-1600 15-18 $38 $42
DK 1200-1400 12-14 $38 $42
Worsted 1000-1200 9-11 $38 $42

Key: YPP - Yards Per Pound, WPI - Wraps Per Inch

Individual Services

The prices below are used if one or more tasks are requested that don’t fall into any of the “Final Product” Categories shown above. All prices are "per pound" unless specified.

Individual Processes Wool Exotic
Skirt (Per Hour) $10 $10
Pick $4 $4
Dehair $5 $5
Card $10 $12
Pindraft $10 $10
Pindrafted Roving to Yarn $20 $22
Spin Yarn $16 $18
Dye Fiber or Yarn $15 $15

UDF Provided Blending Fiber

UDF maintains the following fibers in-house for blending with incoming orders. Please let us know if you would like to utilize this service and how much fiber you’d like to add.

Avail Blending Fiber Colors $ Per Oz Properties
Wool Can be dyed $3 Memory, loft, cohesion
Alpaca Many options $4 Softness, Warmth
Tencel White $ Moisture Absorption
Nylon Can be dyed $1.5-$2 Strength and durability
Firestar Variety $5 Strength, durability, and sparkle
Angora Rabbit Grey and White, can be dyed $10 lightweight, warm, fuzzy, silky