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Looking for comfort and ecofriendly? Then check out our mattress pads and comforters made with ALPACA fiber produced here at the farm. 

Alpaca offers:

*Environmentally friendly *Michigan raised and manufactured
*Elastic corner straps on mattress pads *Lightweight
*Dust mite free *Lanolin free
*Hypoallergenic *Warmth


Each alpaca comforter is individually hand tied and crafted by Zeilinger Wool Company.

An alpaca comforter is a wonderful way to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer while being an economical way to reduce your electrical bill! Comforters are treasured gifts and heirlooms too.

Alpaca filled mattress pads provide you with the warmth and cushioning your body desires. The mattress pads are hand tied with ticking fabrics.